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Friday, July 28, 2006


I had the pleasure of sitting in on the second part of the Tatsumi interview conducted by Gary Groth. Here's Mr. Groth, Mr. Tatsumi, and Mr. Nettleton in Gary's hotel room. It was pretty interesting in large part because Taro did most of the talking while the rest of us sat silently waiting for the translation. I know that doesn't sound interesting but it was.
Wednesday, July 26, 2006


The now-sung hero of Comic-con was Mr. Taro Nettleton (right.) For 8 days, he was the interpreter for Mr. and Mrs. Tatsumi. Taro put in long hours making sure that we could communicate with our guests. A fine fellow. He's pictured here with Mr. Tatsumi during part two of his Comics Journal interview.
Tuesday, July 25, 2006

San Diego Comic Con catchup

Thanks to everyone who came by our booth in San Diego, not only for the Tatsumi signings but for the Adrian Tomine, Kevin Huizenga, Dan Zettwoch, Anders Nilsen, Ron Rege, Jr., Martin Cendreda, and Sammy Harkham signings as well. It was our best year ever by a wide margin and we have you to thank for our success.

Across the aisle, The Honeybunch Squad and Buenaventura Press. Left to right: Johnny Ryan (Comic Book Holocaust,) Carleen Cotter, Tim Hensley (Mome,) Souther Salazar (Destined for Dizziness,) Comic Art editor Todd Hignite, and Dan Zettwoch's hat.

The Fantagraphics folks. Left to right: Eric, Greg, Jason (Kramers Ergot and frequent Arthur contributor,) Zuniga, and Kristy.

First Second editor Marc Siegel and Top Shelf publisher Brett Warnock chit-chat in front of the awesome Heavy Metal booth.

Kevin Huizenga (hat head) and Sammy Harkham (hat) sign copies of their latest comics, Or Else and Crickets respectively.

Adrian Tomine and Yoshihiro Tatsumi sign copies of Abandon the Old in Tokyo and Optic Nerve while stripe-shirted R. Kikuo Johnson (The Night Fisher) looks on.

And again.

Post signing portrait of Adrian and Mr. Tatsumi in front of the D&Q booth.

At night, we all end up at the Picadilly, a dive bar next to the bus station. Here's Ben Catmull (Paper Theater) and Vanessa Davis (Spaniel Rage) in the foreground. Unidentified moving figure, Dan Zettwoch (D+Q Showcase and Redbird,) Chris Cilla (Drip and Kramers Ergot,) Kevin Huizenga (Or Else and Ganges,) and TCJ indexer Pete Coogan in the background.

Bodega Distribution booth bunny TD Sidell, Steven Weissman (Chewing Gum in Church), and our own Peggy Burns.

Vertical (publisher of the Buddha series) flack Anne Iishi and our interpreter Taro relaxing at the bar.

Closing time at the Picadilly.
Monday, July 17, 2006

California Welcomes Tatsumi!

Spotlighting his Los Angeles event at the Hammer Museum on Wednesday, July 19th, and his special guest appearances at Comic-Con International this weekend, (all appearances with Adrian Tomine) the Los Angeles Times features an interview with the legendary master, giving his appearance almost an entire page in today's (7/18) newspaper, running art from the upcoming Abandon The Old In Tokyo , (on sale at all events!) bigger than it appears in the book! It's a gorgeous and smart article, be sure to read it.

Today, we are going to tour the city of Los Angeles, so hopefully I'll be able to post photos of us smiling in front of the Hollywood sign or the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but for now check out these awesome gifts Tatsumi brought for us and for you. You'll be able to recognize the D+Q booth this weekend by these awesome lanterns Tatsumi made for us and he brought little mementos to give to people who come to his signings, sorry my photo does it no justice, but trust me, it's awesome!

Salon.com and The Onion Review Dupuy & Berberian.

Comics critic Douglas Wolk contributes a stellar round-up of the season's most interesting graphic novels, among them he spotlights our two Dupuy & Berberian books Get a Life and Maybe Later . Click here to read. The Onion also featues a graphic novel round up, also spotlighting Dupuy & Berberian. Click here to read.

Both books are on sale in our store!

Daily Moomin

Our daily Moomin comic feature starts today. Just click on the image above or the cover image to the left to view each new strip.

Joe Matt returns!

"I end up erasing more than I can pencil...if anything, it's always one step backwards." That's Joe Matt explaining the near five-year drought in between issues of his comic book, Peepshow . Things are starting to look up for Joe, or for his work habits at least. Last week we received the cover for Peepshow #14, and he promises that the rest of the issue will be here in a couple of weeks (just a few touch-ups in the backgrounds are left, along with the second color overlays and letters column). This issue also brings to a close a story arc ("the embodiment of the decade I spent in Toronto," says Joe) and will be published early next year in the book Spent.

Frank King Live

Here's an edited down snippet of Gasoline Alley cartoonist Frank King at his drawing board. For the full Chicago Tribune promotional film "From Trees to Tribune" go to Archive.org. Walt & Skeezix Bk 2 will be in stores in August.
Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mark Your Calendar: Tatsumi in California This Week 7/19-23!

Our Fall 2005 book The Push Man & Other Stories by legendary gekiga master Yoshihiro Tatsumi (his first ever official North American publication) was one of our bestselling and reviewed titles last year. This past Spring, the esteemed Paris Review featured Tatsumi on the cover of the journal and excerpted his upcoming Fall 2006 book Abandon The Old In Tokyo.

Next week Tatsumi will be in California and it is his only scheduled visit to North America at this time. Do not miss the iconic grandfather of alternative manga speak with the editor of his D+Q series, Adrian Tomine in both Los Angeles and San Diego.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 19TH, LOS ANGELES, 7:00PM: "Hammer Conversations" between Adrian Tomine and Yoshihiro Tatsumi. The Hammer Museum at UCLA 10899 Wilshire Blvd

LA City Beat spotlights the event.

Rafu Shimpo interviews Adrian.

FRIDAY, JULY 21- 23: SAN DIEGO: Special Guest of the San Diego Comic-Con International. Signing with Adrian Tomine at booth #1529. Spotlight Panel with Adrian Tomine on Saturday at 2:30, Room Room 9 at the San Diego Convention Center.

San Diego is Looming!

San Diego Comicon is next week! I find the show rather inspiring as I love the interactions with customers at the festival. Two years ago was my first time working the D+Q Booth, and all day long for four and half days straight people either come to tell you that they love your books, or honestly want to know more about your books. Being that D+Q is small potatoes compared to the big Hollywood exhibitors at SDCC, you would think we would be the festival organizer's last priority. But we're not, the San Diego team--Gary Sassaman and Sue Lord to name a few-- is great to work with. In fact, they thoroughly understand that comics are the mainstay of San Diego that they go out of their way to always have a great roster of special guests and dynamic programming. This year, we were thrilled to find out that they invited Yoshihiro Tatsumi to be a special guest all the way from Japan. He accepted the kind invitation, and will be making appearances all weekend long.

D+Q is in booth 1529. Here is our schedule, please stop by and say hi! D+Q will have our largest lineup ever of attending artists including Yoshihiro Tatsumi, Adrian Tomine, Kevin Huizenga, Anders Nilsen, Ron Rege Jr, Sammy Harkham, James Sturm, Dan Zettwoch and Martin Cendreda. We will have specials on most of our stock including our new books. Attending from D+Q are Marketing & Publicity Director Peggy Burns, Production Designer Tom Devlin, Studio Coordinator Jamie Quail and Production Coordinator Rebecca Rosen

Here is our signing and event panel:


3:45-5:45: TATSUMI & TOMINE

11:00-1:00 ADRIAN TOMINE
11:00-2:00 RON REGE JR


French Superstars Dupuy & Berberian!

We couldn't be more excited about two of our Spring books, as they were suppose to come out two years ago but due to our distribution change in the US, we had to postpone them. In house and in stores, we have Dupuy & Berberian's Get A Life and the behind-the-scenes look at Get a Life, Maybe Later, which details how the team works together. Click here to see both books.

The reviews are coming in:

"Beaucoup de humor, pathos, and charm. Grade: A-," Ken Tucker,Entertainment Weekly.

"Heartwarming and hilarious," Alan Brisbort, The Hartford Advocate .

"Elegantly cartooned and very, very funny," Tom Spurgeon, The Comics Reporter.

New UK Deal for Delisle!

We hired a new foreign rights agent and we couldn't be more excited. The latest news is a 2-book deal with esteemed Jonathan Cape in the UK for Guy Delisle's travelogues Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea and the upcoming September 2006 Shenzhen: A Travelogue From China. They will publish both books this Fall. And I believe that Guy will be a guest at the Paul Gravett directed Comica festival in London.

This deal is in addition to the other book deals we announced earlier in the year: Jonathan Cape publishing Seth's It's a Good Life, If You Don't Weaken and Wimbledon Green; And not to mention, Adrian Tomine's 3-book deal with the acclaimed Faber & Faber for Summer Blonde, Sleepwalk and his still untitled 2007 graphic novel that is being serialized in Optic Nerve 9-11.

Congrats Guy, Seth and Adrian!

Amex, Visa, Mastercard & Discover!

If you are reading this blog and have visited our site before, you'll notice that we have redesigned some elements and pages of our site. We have been working on these changes for a while, but only now are a majority of the changes visible. The first changes we made went live a few months ago when we partnered with a new web merchant for our store enabling two very significant changes: 1) We now take most major credit cards Amex, Visa, Mastercard & Discover and 2) The store now handles two currencies, CDN & US. Visible changes outside of the store include the new home page, events page and new products page. Hopefully, this will allow for better navigation of our site. And of course, we started a blog and there is also a sign up for the D+Q email newsletter if blogs aren't your thing.

Over the next few weeks and months, there will be more changes. Some will be structural such as adding a search function, some will be visible such as redesigning our artist "studios" and others will be just plain fun, at this planning stage we are thinking about Moomin and Walt & Skeezix mini-sites! Stay tuned.
Monday, July 10, 2006

Small Books From Big Names

In 2004, we launched a new line at D+Q titled Petits Livres (Please do not take the French for pretension; we are in Montreal, you know! C'est Bon!). As astute comics connoisseurs have probably already observed, we were directly inspired by the Collection Louise of Editions Cornelius line of small paperbacks as they had the ingenious idea of publishing the affordable Richard McGuire art book P+O! We loved the idea of an inexpensive art book series of today's best cartoonists.

Since the debut of our first three, Marc Bell's The Stacks, Peter Thompson's Lucky Ello, and Julie Doucet's Lady Pep, the line has been a rousing success. The line isn't just limited to cartoonists; Luc Giard published A Village Under My Pillow and illustrator Julie Morstad is on tap to provide a future book. Julie did the cover art to one of the albums playing nonstop in the D+Q office this year, Neko Case's Fox Confessor Brings the Flood. Somewhat related on the Canadian music tip via this Wolf Parade video, the cartoonist Keith Jones created the mind-boggling Bacter-Area. Yep, that's Keith in the glasses and the four heads.

We have an imminent late July release, Fallen Angel, by Bulb Comix impresario & D+Q Showcase Book One contributor Nicolas Robel. Fallen Angel was actually a translation of a book of the same name from the Collection Louise. So if you bought the French edition for the pretty pictures, you can now read the story.

And yet, there's more. We couldn't believe our good fortune, when the one and only Charles Burns emailed "the chief" (D+Q publisher and editor-in-chief Chris Oliveros) to say that not only was he a fan of the line (!) but he had an idea for the series (!!) which was close to being finished (!!!) The book is called One Eye. It is not a book of his comics, but of his photography (!!!!) Here is his cover:

One Eye comes out in Winter 2007.

Miriam Katin Podcast!

Miriam Katin's debut graphic novel We Are on Our Own is about her escape from the Nazi invasion of Budapest during WWII, it came out this May. The book--and Miriam--has received plenty of advance attention, including starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Booklist and has caused quite a stir since landing in stores, Miriam was a special guest of the Harbourfront Reading Series in Toronto, the First Persons Art Festival in Philadelphia and NYC's MoCCA Arts Festival (my coworker Jamie recently posted pictures of Miriam and her mother from MoCCA) the book even landed in the pages of People Magazine! Click here to see her press.

What impresses me most about Miriam is her passion for life. Quite simply, she's amazing. The Jewish Cultural web magazine Nextbook.org recently visited Miriam at her apartment in NYC and has posted this podcast and interview.

We Are on Our Own is Miriam's first graphic novel at the age of 63, the interview delves into why she created the book now, her mother's reaction to Miriam drawing the book and what Miriam first thought of Maus.

Also one of our favorite stores, Politics & Prose, reviewed the book on their website. The review is by Andras Goldinger.

When we were in Washington for BEA in May, we stopped by and visited the store and were able to meet Michael Link (the Seth Rogen) and Cleve Corner (the Paul Rudd) in person. P&P has one of the best graphic novel sections in the country, anyone in DC should stop and check out the store. Here's the section's proud parents Michael and Cleve:


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