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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Anders Nilsen in Vancouver Tonight

Last West Coast stop! Anders will be launching Big Questions at the venerable Lucky's Comics tonight.

Reading, slideshow, and book signing: Sunday July 31st, 7 PM at Lucky's Comics, 3972 Main St., Vancouver.

Finally, as you'll note in the poster above, do not worry, dear readers, because this epic tour continues (after a brief pause). Anders will be hitting up the centre of North America in August and then continuing easterly for a big old tour of the Eastern USA and Canada, where he'll be appearing with Marc Bell on several key dates.
Saturday, July 30, 2011

Seattle BIG QUESTIONS launch tonight

Join Anders Nilsen in the Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery for the Seattle launch of Big Questions.

People, this is the second last day of his West Coast tour extravaganza. If you miss this you'll have to go to CANADA to see him. Or the East Coast.  Also, if you haven't been keeping up, follow Anders's tour diary.

Details about tonight's launch:
6 pm Saturday July 30th at the Fantagraphics Bookstore, 1201 South Vale Street (at Airport Way S.), Seattle.
Friday, July 29, 2011

West Coast Love for Big Questions

I know we've been talking a lot about Big Questions over the past few weeks but, hey, we aren't the only ones blabbing about how amazing it is. Head on over to the Stranger where Paul Constant compares Big Questions to a mash-up of Peanuts and Lord of the Rings, and calls the epic "the best—and definitely the most original—comic of 2011."

I agree, Paul. I agree.

As Julia mentioned below, Anders is in Portland tonight; he will be in Seattle tomorrow at the Fantagraphics store at 6 pm.

Floating World hosts Anders Nilsen and BIG QUESTIONS

Tonight! Friday July 29th, 6 pm at Floating World Comics, 20 NW 5th Ave #101, Portland.

Anders Nilsen will be presenting his slideshow, doing a reading, answering questions, and signing books. I hear he'll also have stacks of these trading cards with him.

I know I've been blabbing about this for days now, but there's a darn good reason for that - Big Questions represents a decade of philosophically rich meditations on life, explorations conducted by one of the most talented visual artists around. Every line he draws, every word he writes, it all just works. Anyway, the point is, be at Floating World tonight!
Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cornering the Yukon market

First this, now the Yukon: Zach Worton talks about his new book, The Klondike, with CBC Radio Whitehorse.
Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SDCC photo explosion

First, I am going to subject you to a little tour of the D+Q SDCC BOOTH THROUGHOUT THE AGES (er, past three years).




Check it out! Posters all the same size, enormous trash pile nearly gone... We're really starting to figure it out. Now if we could only remember to wear proper footwear, we'd be set.

Speaking of proper footwear, did you know that Chester Brown always signs standing up? Not only that, but he signs for like five hours at a time and NEVER COMPLAINS. It's incredible. I think the rest of us all start complaining the second we get behind the booth or even before. Not Chet. Nope.

Brian Ralph and Anders Nilsen decided to meet Chester's challenge, though they don't look quite as happy about it. Was this before or after Chester's banner fell on Brian? Who can remember.

Tom decides to try out his new comedy routine while supposedly acting as moderator on the "Epic Literary Adventures" panel, to mixed results.

(Anders, let's talk.)

Brian Lee O'Malley and Hope Larson stop by the booth; Peter matches his outfits to the books (this day was Moomin.)

(Peggy made us delete the pics of the Paying For It day)

American Elf goes in a new direction

This is what nightmares are made of. (I'm, of course, not speaking about Eli Kochalka here, but, rather, his enormous, surly smurf friend. What, you don't see him? If you'll look, he's just behind the bridge. Ah yes, right. There.)

Aww look at these cuties celebrating their tenth anniversary in the Bone twentieth anniversary photo booth!

(I can call my bosses "cuties," right? HM?)

Maybe that'll be us in ten years. WHO KNOWS.

OK, seriously, what is going on in there?

Ah, perhaps the blurriness of this, the only pic we actually took, might give a clue as to what was going on.

Moving on...

Mary Fleener stops by the booth!

Here's a pic of Chester's spotlight panel. I can't really think of a joke here, so can I just take a moment to talk about how great CCI is for continually taking care of us (relative to the rest of the con) "little guys?" Jackie Estrada, Gary Sassaman and their whole crew make sure that, as Comic Con grows perhaps increasingly inclusive of other aspects of pop culture, comics remain at the core of what the show is about, and it's clear that the medium is something that they all feel passionately about and promote whole-heartedly. Thanks so much, guys!

Chester is the proud recipient of a surprise Inkpot award! And deservedly so.

Calvin Reid and his wife, Jody Culkin, along with Chester, genuinely laughing at the Eisners (see what you're missing, naysayers?!). Probably (though not definitely as there were several funny parts), due to this man:

Ladies and Gentlemen, the one and only Jonathan Ross! Jonathan stopped by the booth on a few separate occasions, and, while he may be lesser-known across the pond, he's a HUGE celebrity in the UK (and a huge Chester Brown fan).

I swear to god, minutes after this photo was taken, a young British couple came up to me completely star-struck, barely able to speak for just having seen him. I kid you not, they were crying. CRYING.

Oh sure, he may look all "dark," "mysterious," and "sexy" now, but, please keep in mind that this is the same man who said "Mama likey" when a steampunk Sherlock Holmes walked by the booth earlier in the day.

Joyce Farmer gets her copy of Paying For It, mentioning that the literal spanish translation of Special Exits means "having a hooker for the evening." Chester casually jots it down.

By this point, you've all read Special Exits, her recent memoir from Fantagraphics? It's wonderful. We all talked about it in the office for a week after it came out. I would, however, not recommend reading it in public like I did, as it's a tear-jerker.

Actually, for that matter, I don't know that I'd read Paying For It in public, either, though for different reasons...

John Heder stops by the booth! Minutes later, he would leave the booth, apparently upset by our request to "do that thing where you breathe through your mouth."

How jealous are you of this bound copy of all of the issues of Yummy Fur?

Seriously! This is so awesome.

Even Chester was impressed. I didn't get to see it in person, but he was so taken by it that he brought it up later.

And, now, time for a quick stop-over at the Fantagraphics booth.

Why, yes, that IS Fantagraphics employee "Ajax" dressed as Johnny Ryan's "Cannibal Fuckface."

I kid you not, my camera ACTUALLY STARTED SMOKING when I took this picture.

Chester and his very sweet handler, Maria!

Judah Friedlander was SO PLEASED to hear all my great 30 Rock suggestions. Well, I mean, he didn't say as much, but I'm pretty sure that his face here gives that away. Right? RIGHT?

And, finally, while Tom may have "edited down" our SDCC photos, we still ended up with these gems. What's going on? Don't ask me.

OK, we're walking. Good.

Really couldn't tell you.

Ah yes, this was after Brian lost his shoes in the ocean. Somehow. Later, he would step on a cockroach.

With Love,
Drawn & Quarterly

Launch for BIG QUESTIONS at Needles and Pens

Tonight is Anders Nilsen's second stop in the Bay Area. San Francisco, he's coming for you!

Anders will be presenting his slideshow, reading from Big Questions and signing at Needles and Pens.

Wednesday July 27th at 7:30 pm
Needles and Pens
3253 16th Street
San Francisco, CA
Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Anders Nilsen Tour Dates

All right, now that the madness of Comic-Con is over, back to business! Anders Nilsen continues his Big Questions tour. Here's the poster again for those of you curious about upcoming dates  - Portland, Seattle, Vancouver in the next week!

While I Was Eating Pizza at SDCC...

Anders Nilsen was doing this

Monday, July 25, 2011

Congratulations, Mr. Clowes.

Woot woot! Dan won the Eisner for Best Graphic Novel, fiction, at this year's Eisners Ceremony on Friday night. Here's a photo of a very tired me holding the trophy. Hey, the ceremony was three hours long, and this was the very very last award. Photo by Calvin Reid.
Sunday, July 24, 2011

San Diego Comic-Con Sunday: All good things come to an end

And so here we are, with just a few hours of signings left. Today Brian Ralph kicks things off all on his own at booth 1629.
10:00 - 12:00 Brian Ralph signing
11:00 - 2:00 Chester Brown and Anders Nilsen signing

That's all, folks! Last chance to visit ye olde D+Q booth, #1629. Happy Comic-Con, everyone!
Saturday, July 23, 2011

San Diego Comic-Con Saturday Schedule

Okay Saturday Comic-Coners, here's what we have on the slate. No wasting words here, but an extra long Anders + Brian signing stretch right in the middle of the day for your autographing pleasure.

Signings (all take place at booth # 1629):
11:00 - 2:00 Chester Brown signing
2:30 - 6:30 Anders Nilsen and Brian Ralph signing
3:30 - 5:30 Chester Brown signing

1:00-2:00 in Room 4
Spotlight on Anders Nilsen— Comic-Con special guest Anders Nilsen debuts his magnum opus, the 800+-page Big Questions, which he began self-publishing over 10 years ago and which quickly placed Nilsen at the forefront of alternative cartoonists. He is part of the Chicago comics collective The Holy Consumption with Jeffrey Brown, John Hankiewicz, and Paul Hornscheimer and was recently featured in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. Join him as he presents a slideshow of his work from his haunting postmodern fable.

2:30-3:30 Room 24ABC
The Art of the Graphic Novel— Andrew Farago (curator, Cartoon Art Museum) talks with graphic novelists Chester Brown (Paying for It), Seymour Chwast (Dante's Divine Comedy), Eric Drooker (Blood Song), Joyce Farmer (Special Exits, A Memoir), JoĆ«lle Jones (Troublemaker), Jason Shiga (Empire State: A Love Story (Or Not)), and Craig Thompson (Habibi) about their work in the genre that has elevated comics to mainstream bookstores all over the world.

5:30-6:30 in Room 8 
Everyone's Favorite Red Head, Little Orphan Annie— No, not Archie, but Annie! Famed cartoonist Chester Brown, Dean Mullaney (creative director, The Library of American Comics), Brian Doherty (senior editor of Reason magazine and author of Radicals for Capitalism), and Tom Devlin (Drawn & Quarterly creative director) discuss the importance of the legendary comics strip Little Orphan Annie and the profound influence and life of the strip's creator, cartoonist Harold Gray.
Friday, July 22, 2011

Comic-Con (Preview Night)

If you do Comic-Con as many times as I do you definitely see the same things every year. While setting up, you see the same people setting up their booths and the same Freeman staff patrolling the floor on their bicycles, pallet trucks, or pushing the garbage cans. I love seeing Mike and Janice at Fanta every year but, you know, there we are every year. But you start to appreciate the whole thing, it's familiar and comforting in that way. I like watching the show shape up. Banners being hung, carpet being put down, tables delivered. And, of course, I like walking around and looking at the gigantic booths being set up. What is happening at some of these places?

I don't even know what this is but I suspect it's some kind of badass cute animal troupe. Did we learn nothing from Boris the Bear? But I do like the that fact that the costume heads are sitting there waiting.

Some gigantic superhero sound stage and I have a strong suspicion that it will just be used for karaoke.

Look at those crates filled with Legos. Remember how your parents were too cheap to buy any Legos for you? Well, they just trow these in the trash when the show is done.
This is just for Gigi and Woody.

Help me out. What is this? Other than an awesome airstream painted light blue.
{Or Teal or Seafoam or Scandanavian Mint.}

He is putting tape under the rug to hold it down. Also, the rug guys do this great jump forward move to get rid of wrinkles. People, there is a lot of science in con setup.

Preview night starts and we have the first Death-Ray doll/ Death-Ray book sale. Thank you, sir.

And Kate's book, Hark! A Vagrant was so popular that the first and second buyers were almost fighting over it. He got there first by seconds.

Our number one San Diego fan (sorry, Tyler) Sonette comes by and snags her copy of Paying For it for Chester to sign but Chet missed his connecting flight and alas the meeting had to wait.

Oops, it got so hectic that it's hours later and we all head out for pizza and forget to use the flash or focus the lens on our camera. Who is here? Left to right: Brian Ralph, Peter Birkemoe, Tracy Hurren, our production manager at her first comic-con.


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