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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Ed the Happy Clown is here! {Interns are awesome edition.}

I can tell you exactly where I was when the first issue of Yummy Fur came out. I was standing in the back of the Harvard Square branch of Newbury Comics. I had just taken the comics guy job there. The cover was a puzzler but when I looked inside, it was all over. Something was going on here but I just didn't know what. Now, of course, the "Ed the Happy Clown" storyline is acknowledged as an influential masterpiece from that second generation of underground cartoonists--praised by just about everyone. So why has it been out of print for so long, you ask? That is a good question! I-don't-know. BUT IT IS HERE NOW!!! Right there in new intern Kate's hands (she is awesome by the way, totally great, love her.) Okay, so the book is a little ways away from being in your local comic or bookstore but it exists. Of course, this being Chester there are tons of notes and even a little bonus strip that has nothing to do with Ed really. And since people have asked, this is what Chester considers the proper Ed the Happy Clown story. There isn't extra work and in fact some of those later Vortex issues are not included. Feast your eyeballs!!


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