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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Marcy Belly's Sketchy Book!

Cheggitout! (Also featured: world's worst picture of Marc?)

The Construction of Guy Delisle's JERUSALEM/Bad Dad Guide

Guy has put up a fascinating guide to JERUSALEM over on his website. It features photos like the above, but also videos and some Palestinian comics and more. Very interesting!

And on a lighter note, Guy's put a new comic up, "Bad Dad Guide 1," and I've provided a quick translation below.

[Bad Dad Guide 1]

Panel 2: "And if I put my tooth under my pillow, the little mouse will come tonight and replace it with money?"

Panel 3: "Yeah, right… That's exactly it."

Panel 4: "Yes! Cool!"

Panel 2: [That night]

Panel 3: ZZZ

Panel 1: [The next day]

"Hey! What happened? The mouse never came!"

(the tooth)


Panel 2: "Dad!"


Panel 3: "The mouse never came."

Panel 4: (Shit, the tooth!)

Panel 1: "Oh yeah, it seems like, this time, there were a lot of children who lost their teeth and the mouse couldn't make it to all the houses."

"ha ha! That's annoying!"

Panel 3: "All right."

Panel 4: "If you put it under your pillow again tonight, it'll work!"

Panel 6: "Cool!"

Panel 1: [That night]

"Should we watch a third?"

Panel 3: [The morning]


Panel 4: "The mouse didn't come again!"

Panel 1: "Ah… Uh…"

Panel 2: "It's normal, you often have to try a few times before it works… But tonight, I'm convinced that it'll happen. The mouse will come."

Panel 3: "All right."

Panel 1: [That night]

Panel 1: [The morning]

"Dad! Dad!"


Panel 2: "Look, the little mouse left me a note apologizing for the delay!"

"Look at that."

Panel 3: "She even signed it with a little paw print!"


Panel 1: "And it was folded and in a tiny little envelope!"


Panel 2: "And I got a euro!"


Panel 1: "Tell me, dad, it's not you parents who put money down when we sleep?"

Panel 2: "Hey, look…"

Panel 3: "Do you think that, if it were we parents who came and put money under your pillow, that we would forget to do it TWO nights in a row?"
Monday, February 27, 2012

Goliath is here! (Almost!)

Goliath hits stores tomorrow and Tom Gauld is celebrating by making a beautiful in-store display at Gosh! Comics, where he kicks off a fabulous trans-atlantic tour (I'm not making this up, folks! see below) next Friday, March 9th at 6:30 pm. They've got some real purty limited edition, signed and numbered bookplates for the first two hundred copies of Goliath, and they're going fast! This promises to be a book launch to end all book launches.

Goliath is here anyway...
Peep some more progress photos here.

Now, that trans-Atlantic bit. I'm delighted to share with you that Tom Gauld will be bringing Goliath North America!  Asterisked events are joint launches with Matt Forsythe for Jinchalo.

Friday April 27th
*Desert Island, 540 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn

Saturday April 28th and Sunday April 29th
MOCCA Festival, 68 Lexington Ave, NYC

Monday April 30th
*Ada Books, 717 Westminster St, Providence

Wednesday May 2nd
Librairie D+Q, 211 Bernard O, Montreal

Saturday May 5th and Sunday May 6th
TCAF, 789 Yonge St, Toronto

And one more time, here are the UK dates!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Get Cantankerous with the Krank this Saturday

Join Herr Krank (alter ego: Adrian Norvid) in his performance this Saturday for Montreal's all-night art party, Nuit Blanche. Snow Bloody White (aka the goth version of me) will be joining him, distributing things and practicing the dark arts.

NUIT BLANCHE: Saturday February 25, 2012, 9 pm–1 am
Joyce Yahouda
372 Sainte-Catherine Street West, Montreal, QC H3B 1A2
Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bonne Fête Desert Island!

If I was anywhere remotely near NYC this Friday, I would go to this Desert Island anniversary party in a heartbeat. What's not to celebrate? A four-year anniversary of retailing successfully in a time of a recession. Good taste and hard work put forth by one of my most favorite colleagues in comics, Gabe Fowler. On behalf of D+Q and all of ours artists, congratulations, Gabe and thanks for fighting the good fight.

Interns are Awesome: Goliath Edition

Have we mentioned we have brand new interns? And they are pretty awesome? Kate just started yesterday—and I think arrived in Montreal hours before her first shift—so we'll give her some time to breath before we throw her on here. Geoff, on the other hand, has settled in nicely, and is doing some mighty fine work, might I add. He's been in Font Lab Gulag heaven helping me get a font ready for the foreign editions of Goliath. And here's the lad himself, holding his spanking-new copy of his new favourite book:

And here's a couple more glamour shots of this incredible title:

Goliath is now available in Canada, the UK (UK tour dates here), and at finer comic-book shops across North America. It will be available from American bookstores on February 28th! You guys, Goliath blew me away. I couldn't be more excited for you all to read it. If your car is broken and you have a leg cramp so you can't go buy the book RIGHT NOW, here's a preview from a few months back. Enjoy!
Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jerusalem! Jerusalem! Jerusalem!

We just received our advances of Guy's JERUSALEM and oooooooweeeeee, are we aglow. Look at that beauty! I'm so excited for this book, I can't wait.

Jillian, Lisa, Eleanor talk about the Sweet Science

That's illustration, right? That's what people call it--the Sweet Science? I don't know. I do know that this talk at the Society of Illustrators (tomorrow night, NYC) with Jillian Tamaki, Lisa Hanawalt, and Eleanor Davis will be amazing because these are smart, funny, talented women who know a thing or two about drawing dogs and butts and doing it on a deadline. If I didn't live up here in the North Pole, I would be at this event and I would ask this question: "Who do I write to at the New York Times Book Review so I can do a cover? Is that person here in the audience? Can you point him or her out? Or introduce us?"

{I would not ask those questions because that would be rude.}
Tuesday, February 21, 2012

India Comic Con!

So it turns out that there is some glamour in comics publishing, after all. There we were, an unlikely grouping of guests (myself, Fantagraphics publisher Gary Groth, and Robert and Aline Crumb) in possibly the most exotic locale imaginable for a comics convention, New Delhi.

India has a rich literary tradition and, much like the rest of the country, its publishing sector is booming. The convention itself was held in Dilli Haat, an open air market that showcases crafts by artists from different regions of the country.

Setting up the welcoming banner.

Here's R. Crumb and Aline speaking at the opening ceremony on Friday (where they had Aline light candles to officially start the show). The Crumbs were very enthused to be in India; on Sunday afternoon they went to the famed Delhi neighborhood of Chandni Chowk, where Robert managed to find a treasure trove of 1920s and 30s-era Indian music (all in original 78s, of course).

This is a comics convention, after all, and what's a comics convention (or a D+Q blog convention report) without a bunch of people dressed up in costume?

Except the stakes are higher here in India: the Best Costume winner is awarded a trip for two to Disneyland in Hong Kong (the award was given out on three consecutive nights, to three different participants).

Superman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl....but who is this guy supposed to be?

There's also an "under 8" category in the contest. Adorable!

Now everybody in New Delhi has the lowdown on Gary Groth's first foray into publishing, straight from the man himself.

Gary was back on Sunday night where he served as interviewer for an extensive and all-encompassing spotlight on R. Crumb.

I had the pleasure of meeting Sharad Sharma, the visionary founder of World Comics India, an organization that now has 600 volunteers who venture to different areas (often to remote villages in India, Pakistan, and Nepal) to give workshops on comics. The workshops focus on using comics as a tool for journalism, giving voices to those who are otherwise silent in the media landscape.

And here's the wonderful festival organizers: Jatin Varma, Eshita Ghosh, and Adhiraj Singh. They were generous and hospitable beyond the call of duty.

India postscript:

What place on earth would be the farthest from New Delhi, if not in distance, then in sensibility?

That might be Amsterdam, which is where I spent a few hours yesterday while waiting for my connecting flight.

Just before renting a bike (this is Holland, after all) I visited Lambiek, the great comics store founded by Kees Kousemaker in 1968. Kees sadly passed away in 2010, but the store lives on in his spirit and is now managed by his son, Boris (who coincidentally just returned from a vacation in India last week).

I was very happy to see Klaas Knol again (at right), whose warmth and outgoing enthusiasm I remember well from when I first met him at the Drawn & Quarterly Lambiek exhibit in 1996 (in more recent years they also showcased a solo Marc Bell art show). Klaas has worked at Lambiek since the early 1980s and he's joined here by his colleague, Abel Schoenmaker.

I love the official Lambiek bicycle (comics deliveries to their clientele?). I noticed that this particular bike model (without the pictures) is popular in Amsterdam among parents, who use the giant basket in the front to transport their toddlers (I counted three kids together on one occasion).


I'm pleased to announce the winners of our Constructive Abandonment contest giveaway! Below are their names along with their answers to the question 'What's your favourite thing about Winnipeg?'.

David Tkach
Fav things about Winnipeg: warm amber glow of the downtown street lights on any early morning in January. And Slurpees.

Ingrid Dobrovnik
i've never been to winnipeg. twenty years ago, when i was in still in my teens, my brother had me watch tales from the gimli hospital by guy maddin. i sort of fell in love with it, despite not even really fully understanding it. for an english writing oac project i sent mr. maddin a script idea i had, some nonsense about a mime. months and months later i received my script outline back, with an attached letter from mr. maddin. i was over the moon. maybe there are a ton of other things to love about winnipeg, and maybe if i ever get the chance to go there one day, i will love several things about it, but for now, my answer to what i love the most about winnipeg would have to be guy maddin, for the simple fact that he wrote an enthusiastic and encouraging letter back to teenage me.

Craig Warkentin
When Brad Roberts of Crash Test Dummies worked at the Spectrum Cabaret, he could make a wicked Tom Collins.

And don't forget to read the awesome interview with Michael and Neil that Lee Henderson conducted for The Believer!!

Watch out, Great Britain! GOLIATH is coming!

Tom Gauld is going to be touring up a storm across the pond to celebrate his brand new D+Q book Goliath. Ask your burning Goliath-related questions of him (and maybe get him to sign a book for you, if yer lucky!). He'll be visiting these fine establishments:

Friday March 9th at 6:30 PM
Gosh! Comics, 1 Berwick St, London
Psst!  There will be a special bookplate edition of Goliath for the first 200 copies sold.

Saturday March 10th from 1 to 2 PM
Forbidden Planet, 60 Burleigh St, Cambridge

Thursday March 15th at 6:30 PM
Here Gallery & Shop hosts at Cafe Kino, 108 Stokes Croft, Bristol
(RSVP on Facebook)

Thursday March 29th at 6 PM
Nobrow Shop & Gallery, 62 Great Eastern St., London

Wednesday April 4th at 7 PM
Analogue Books, 39 Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh

Thursday April 5th at 5 PM
Travelling Man, 32 Central Road, Leeds

Saturday April 21st, 11 AM to 6 PM
COMICA Festival, London

Evidently, we need anoher reminder!! (HARVEY AWARDS edition)

So some of youse people are voting for the Harveys right now and maybe need a little reminder of what we published. Right? RIGHT!! Also, let us just browse this list anyways. I've said it before but great great year for us. So many great books. So many great cartoonists!

A Single Match Oji Suzuki - January 4

Scenes from an Impending Marriage Adrian Tomine - February 1

Mid-Life Joe Ollmann - March 1

Melvin Monster, Volume 3: The John Stanley Library John Stanley - March 29

Reunion Pascal Girard - April 12

Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths Shigeru Mizuki - April 26

The Klondike Zach Worton - May 10

Moomin Book Six: The Complete Lars Jansson Comic Strip Lars Jansson - May 10

Paying for It Chester Brown - May 10

Constructive Abandonment Michael Dumontier and Neil Farber - May 24

Big Questions SC Anders Nilsen - August 16

Big Questions HC Anders Nilsen - August 16

Nogoodniks Adrian Norvid - August 30

Optic Nerve #12 Adrian Tomine - September 14

Daybreak Brian Ralph - September 27

Hark! A Vagrant Kate Beaton - September 27

Nancy: The John Stanley Library, Volume 3 John Stanley and Dan Gormley - September 27

Nipper: 1965-1966 Doug Wright - September 27

Pure Pajamas Marc Bell - September 27

The Death-Ray Daniel Clowes - October 11

The Great Northern Brotherhood of Canadian Cartoonists Seth - October 11

Blabber Blabber Blabber: Volume 1 of Everything Lynda Barry - October 31

The Adventures of Hergé Jose-Louis Bocquet, Jean-Luc Fromental, and Stanislas Barthélémy - December 6

Walt and Skeezix: Book Five: 1929-1930 Frank King - December 6

Rutu! Rutu! Rutu!

I love reading various publications and coming across illustrations by any cartoonist, especially and naturally, D+Q cartoonists. I find these illustrations that Rutu did for the Sunday Review in the New York Times endlessly fascinating even before even knowing what the accompanying article is about, which is an opinion piece on ritalin and parenting by playwright, screenwriter, filmmaker, novelist and short-story writer, Hanif Kureishi.

I was able to catch with Rutu last month in Angouleme, we're very excited for her new TOON book Maya Makes a Mess out this August. And we're very very excited for her 2013 book Day of the Dead of which Rutu has turned in the first 57 pages!!!!! Hells bells, people, we really are in the golden age of graphic novels. Exciting.
Monday, February 20, 2012

Guy Delisle In Town! Tout le monde en parle!

What puts the D+Q office in the best mood ever? Whenever we get to see one of our authors outside of ye olde booth at a convention, especially here in Montreal! So last week, imagine how surprised and thrilled we were when I answered the phone on Thursday to hear that it was Guy Delisle in town from France as the Radio Canada show Tout le monde en parle flew him in for a taping! (Though sadly there is no online footage.) So we went out to lunch on Friday afternoon.

Joining us is Guy's translator Helge Dascher. And the two basked in the ray of a glowing starred review from Publishers Weekly.

Pascal Girard joined us, and after lunch we headed over to the Librairie so Guy could stock up on his North American comics. He was very excited to see Big Questions as Anders is one of his favorite cartoonists and Dogs & Water was one of his favorite books. He also picked up Goliath by Tom Gauld and Robot Dreams by Sara Varon for his daughter.

Oh and he signed books, of course. You too, Pascal Girard! Get to work! There's no such thing as a free lunch!

Here are Pascal and Guy with store director Jason Grimmer. This was moments after Guy was recognized by an uber comics fan from Toronto who practically double plopped in disbelief that he was in Montreal, at the D+Q store, and he stumbles into not one, but two D+Q cartoonists signing their books. If we could have it happen every day we would! Trust us!


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