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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Anders Nilsen events in Chicago and Minneapolis! Plus D+Q sale suggestions

Well well well, it looks like Anders Nilsen is headed for a petite tour in the next few months for his beautiful, insightful, wry, and accordion-format book, Rage of Poseidon. First up: Minneapolis and Chicago launches next month!

Friday December 6th, 7 pm
Minnesota Center for Book Arts, 1011 Washington Ave.
Book Arts Round Table: "Isaac and Abraham and Video Games"

Sunday December 15, 4 pm 
City Lit Books, 2523 N. Kedzie Blvd.
Reading, Q&A hosted by Jessica Hopper, and signing

While I've been testing out different ways of displaying my copy of the book at home, praise for Rage of Poseidon has been rolling in.

Way back in October, Publishers Weekly gave it a starred review, saying, "The book showcases Nilsen’s ability to play with the characters’ frustrations and hopes; it serves as a reminder of how durable the underlying myths and stories are, as well as how timeless human dreams and disappointments can be. The silhouette-heavy art is spellbinding […Rage of Poseidon is] an art object as well as a haunting collection of stories."

J Caleb Mozzocco at Robot 6 calls Rage of Poseidon Anders Nilsen's "most readily accessible work to date." He adds, "But whether writing through birds or gods, the mundane or the divine, Nilsen’s true subject matter remains much the same: explorations of metaphysical and existential concerns..."

Over at The Comics Journal, Sean Rogers reports on the silhouette images that the book is comprised of: "Nilsen’s uncanny depictions of a table strewn with bottles, or a suburban landscape drowned in fathoms of inky water... render the everyday shocking and odd, endowing it with a crisp and vivid unfamiliarity."

And on a similar note, Asia Harvey at Project Space glows: "The shadowy drawings are by necessity pared down to their most basic—and most revealing—elements... Nilsen’s unwillingness to disclose superfluous visual details forces the reader to imagine what lurks in the undefined darkness."

Finally, and perhaps most relevantly, the Manitou Messenger's Nick Bowlin turns in a report on Anders' visit last week: "By combining Christian stories, Greek myths and real-life situations, Anders Nilsen created a fascinating graphic novel that mixes the ancient and the modern."

And as if that ain't enough, in case you've forgotten since yesterday...

Oh yes we ARE having a web sale, which means you can get your paws on Big Questions, Don't Go Where I Can't Follow, Dogs & Water, or even Rage of Poseidon for a whopping 40% off if you order through our webstore between now and December 2nd. Do it!


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