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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Please, judge this book by its cover—Showa 1926–1939: A History of Japan

Not too shabby, right? What's inside ain't too bad either. Showa 1926-1939: A History of Japan is not one to be missed if you like comics, history, culture…or really care about literature in any way. Lucky for you, it's in stores today

Within Showa, Shigeru Mizuki managages to tell an extensive political history of the period leading up to World War II…

While also giving the reader a slice of what life was like for the average Japanese citizen during these trying years.

All wrapped up in a pretty stunning package. 

With many full-page spreads of Mizuki's stunning art. 

In Showa, Mizuki blends his cartoon and realistic drawing styles so well—there's harshness and grit and loud sound effects…

but there are also a lot of subtle nostalgic passages, and the whole thing is rather beautiful despite its subject matter.

Showa 1926-1939 is our first title translated by the terrific Zack Davisson, who will be working on the entire Showa series for you, dear English readers. Why not follow him on Twitter as a thank you? He posts all kinds of cool Mizuki-related stuff.

You probably don't need to be reminded that Shigeru Mizuki is one of Japan (and the whole world)'s best-loved cartoonists, but I am going to remind you with this short-and-sweet quote from The Globe and Mail: "Shigeru Mizuki is one of Japan's greatest illustrators, a master of both realism and manga."

No go. Buy. Be mesmerized.


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