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Friday, May 23, 2014

The only TCAF wrap-up you really don't need to read.

Omigod, you guys, TCAF was so much fun this year (I'm guessing, I wasn't there.) Julia, Alex, Tracy, Jade, and Chris are all still so worn out that they asked me to write the report so here goes!! Also, I have no idea what happened when so expect everything to be wildly out of chronology.

Above, Kate Beaton makes a love connection with the local postman as he delivers her a valentine? Hoo boy! This is going to be a slog. Where did my funny go?

Mimi Pond attended her first ever TCAF to launch her brilliant memoir, Over Easy, and instead of taking photos of her friends and cosplayers she upped the ante and did a fashion rundown. Brilliant! Probably my favourite convention photo array in years (since that sexy Pikachu Comic Con year.)

Anne Ishii gets down to brass tacks with Diane Obomsawin. Diane talked about her brilliant new love letter of a book, On Loving Women and Anne did her best to insert as many penis references as possible into her questions. With each question a stagehand moves that water bottle slightly closer. Afterwards, A couple of fans came up nearly paralyzed by the fact that Diane was right there in front of them. Those cuties.

Raina Telgemeier, Lynn Johnston, and Kate Beaton kick off the TCAF festivities on opening night with a collegial hilarious chat. My understanding is it was pretty much a Garfield bashing session. But all agreed that lasagne is still pretty good. And Nermal is cute. So maybe in the end Jim Davis was a winner.

Leslie Stein and Michael DeForge drop by to chat with Pascal Girard and engage in the age-old convention mini comics swap. Michael had fourteen new minis and two new graphic novels. One of which was an open letter complaining that Pascal never answered his emails about possibly running a marathon and simultaneously drawing a mini comic. Pascal kept offering to sign a copy of his new book, Petty Theft, for Michael—"but I can't give it to you because D+Q is pretty stingy about that sort of thing"—until it got really awkward.

Johanna Draper Carlson takes Sam Alden, Gabrielle Bell, Pascal, and John Chad to the mat. It sounded like a pretty interesting panel where each author had new book for the show and the person on their right had to tell them what was wrong with it and then it ended with four people heaving sobs and Johanna rubbing her hands.

Oh, is somebody taking a picture, says Tracy. Also, I promise this is the last Pascal pic. Matt Forsythe is sitting in the foreground on the right there and it looks like that fancy Los Angeles boy had his silver lamé jacket taken away at the border. "Here's your plaid, sir."

Jesus, guys, we seriously need to have someone design a more dignified signing podium for The Best Cartoonist in All of Canada™—Chester Brown.

Diane and Julie Delporte ready for the fans. People, are we in a golden age or what? These two amazing women have new books and they are both so so so good. Julie's book, Everywhere Antennas, making its debut at the old TCAF. (Chester is entering his fourteenth straight signing hour.)

Jillian Tamaki, Matt Forsythe, and, oh christ, him again. Look I would cut this whole damn picture except that it's the only one of Jillian and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that her new book, This One Summer (with her cuz Mariko) was the best non-D+Q book making a debut at the show. 

Michael just came up to say hi and suddenly this sweatshirt was yanked over his head. Okay, so now the D+Q denim vests are looking pretty conservative.

"Chester, this shirt won't come off."

Chester, Rick Trembles, and Rick's pops, Jack Tremblay—one of the venerable Canada Whites creators. Gotta love those cartooning dads! Rick and Chester then had a forty five minute conversation about Marc Almond while Jack just shook his head disapprovingly.

Mimi sells the last copy of Over Easy. Then she stood up, kissed her lucky fan full on the mouth,  kicked over the signing table, shouted "Later, Bitches!!," and barged out of the Toronto Reference Library.

Did you know that Mimi wrote episodes of Pee Wee's Playhouse? Boy, has Pee Wee aged—GUYS< THAT'S NOT PEE WEE!!

Here's Mims hustling those fashion photos with our own Alexandra (left) and a game comics enthusiast. Mimi does not stop working, people.

Young man remove your hat at the dinner table!! {Also, note Matt Forsythe is subtly trying to get Kate to give him her scarf. "I'm just not used to this Northern chill.") 

Look for this at next year's Doug Wright Indiegogo campaign—a rare Chester Brown dinner sketch portrait of Seth.

Hold on, were Mimi and Chester in some sort of draw off.

Saturday night dinner? Maybe. I like this one because Brad Mackay is so invading Chris' personal space and Chris is being chill. See you next year, Toronto!! Do I need to say it? Sure I do. TCAF is just an amazing show. The staff and the volunteers are aces. Thank you Chris Butcher, both Andrews, Miles, Peter, and everyone else—everyone here at D+Q appreciates your hard work.


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